Consulting + Management


1987 Corporation Inc.  (2011-ongoing)
Consultant – Film + Web-Content projects
Producer / Director / Writer on projects

FilmAlien  (2010-ongoing)
Consultant – Web-content Development + Evaluation

 Spiral Studios Inc.   (1981-2000)
Founder, President + Manager of company active in
•  Film Production
•  Project Development
•  Production Management
•  Writing and Screenwriting (Film, TV, Sales, Education, Research)
•  Consulting  (Communications, Instructional Design, Program Evaluation)

Neo-Modern Entertainment Inc. (1992-2000)
Consultant – Feature Film Project Development + Evaluation


Universalia Management Group  (1998-99) Instructional Designer
•  International Development Bank (Washington Headquarters) project – Concept + Writer of Parador Ministry of Education  (In-depth Case Study for a training course for Institutional and Organizational Assessment Executives)

 Universalia Management Group (1998-99) Consulting Analyst + Team member on projects
•  Reviews – Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) funded MBA programs in Central and Eastern Europe; Canadian Environmental NGOs; The relationship between Heritage Canada and UNESCO
•  Monitoring – CIDA and Aga Khan Foundation institutional strengthening project (Pakistan); CIDA and FCM economic and municipal development project (China)
•  Strategic Planning + Management – Cree School Board (Post-Secondary and Distance Education Programs);  Quebec Farmers Association (Distance Education Program)
•  TrainingInter-American Development Bank (course for Staff, Sector-Specialists and Executing Agencies from Latin America and the Caribbean)

UCOPAN Enterprises Ltd. + GETSET Housing Systems  (1985-2000)
•  Consultant – Marketing Strategies + Promotional Materials Design
•  Team Member – Strategic Planning + Market Research


Cinepro Productions Ltd. (1993-94)
•  Corporate Communications and Training + Documentary Project Development
•  Communications Strategy Design
•  Design + Production of Promotional Materials and Marketing Tools

International Conference on Distance Education, Concordia University  (1993)
Organization, Fund-raising and Publicity for a conference bringing together potential distance education partners from the business, government and university sectors

 Canadian Journal of Educational Communication  (1984-86)
Editorial Consultant + Graphic Designer


Cinepro Productions Inc.  (1994)
Designer of Comprehensive Communications and Training Plan. Pilot project proposal for the Montreal Urban Community Intercultural and Interracial CommitteeFacilitating Communication between the MUC Police Department and Montreal’s Ethnic Communities

Baggaley Research International Inc.  (1993)
Designer of a Sexual Harassment Sensitization Program for the corporate institutional setting –  A Process of Context-Specific Definition of Harassment to Reveal and Reconcile Differing Perspectives

 Center for the Study of Classroom Processes, Concordia University  (1990-92)
•  Eastern Townships Regional School Board projectEvaluation of Cooperative Learning Program implemented at an elementary school
•  SSHRC & FCAR funded projects (MA Thesis) –  Design and Evaluation of educational television programs and cooperative learning activities for children aimed at enhancing prosocial behavior

Center for Systems Research & Knowledge Engineering, Concordia University  (1990-92)
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Quebec project – Analyst and Team Member conducting a needs assessment and pilot test of new instructional methods for existing college science programs

Educational Technology Department, Concordia University  (1987-89)
Analysis, Re-editing and Audience Testing of educational films about AIDS in order to find optimum presentation formats for high-risk viewers

Canadian Firearms Safety Program, Concordia University  (1993)
Review and Evaluation of a print-based public information package

Sun Life Insurance Company  (1986)
Evaluation of Sun Life’s principal training and information service audio-visual.