Undergraduate Course:  EDUC 405: The TV Child: The Educational Implications of Children’s Television Viewing  (1992-94)
Department of Education, Concordia University, Montreal

Graduate Summer Session:  Applications of Media in Education: Adjusting instructional design to match different audience characteristics  (1992)
Department of Educational Technology, ITESM University, Monterrey, Mexico

College Summer Session:  Principles of Film Animation  (1988)
Centennial Academy, Montreal

College Summer Session:  Principles of Film Animation  (1984)
Centennial Academy, Montreal

Professional Internship Supervisor (1982-84)
During production of the film short Trespass at Spiral Studios Inc., (my film production company)



Workshop:  Issues with Regard to the Use of Video in International Development Work  (1998)
International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Ottawa

Workshop:  Women and the Media: Overcoming stereotypes by deconstructing the notion of ‘male’ and ‘female’  (1993)
Moral and Religious Education teachers, Ministry of Education of Quebec, Protestant Education Services



Conference Paper:  Overcoming Obstacles to Cross-cultural Communication: The need for critical self-awareness  (1993)
International Symposium on Ethnicity: Conflict and Cooperation, August 18-23, Vancouver

Conference Paper:  The Effects of Peer Interaction and Group Viewing on Young Children’s Social Behavior  (1992)
International Convention, IASCE (International Association for Study of Cooperation in Education),  July 1-4, Utrecht, Holland



Seminar:  Facilitating Communication & Understanding Between Differing Groups: Using media as a catalyst to reveal assumptions & explore dimensions of identity & identification  (1993)
Centre for Community and Ethnic Studies, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Concordia University

TV Panel Member:  Stop the Silence on Violence on TV  (1993)
Live show with participation of viewers through telephone hookup. Channel 9, December 13, Montreal

Invited Keynote Address:  Violence: The role of television  (1992)
Annual Conference of the Quebec Home & School Federation, October 24, Montreal